Visions and Mold

Visions and Mold
Howl of the Carrion King Net Supplement

The Original Source Vision

During the moments of fire light Khatovar explains…

“This experience was most jarring and I could not keep focus on but what felt slowed down. I will recount…

“At first, I felt I was young and angry at the vices of the world. I achieved greatness and victory, but their is always a greater evil.

“I quickly became much older and fought to protect. Quarterstaffs, swords, crossbows, I was a weapon master. Compassion, honesty, sacrifice, these were the ideals I held aloft. The burden of duty felt heavy.

“I did not fight alone. I had companions I felt strongly connected with. We faced trial after trial to victory by the narrow. We stood as the Templars of the Five Winds.

“My favorite seemed to be, a jolly large man. He felt honest and simple. He went headlong into battle with a grin and he drank. The South Wind, his name… Kardswann, was worldly with a giant axe. He was comforting.

“The East Wind, Pazhvann; spiritual, wise, and cautious; well done in advice and the god’s favor. When the tides of battle go wrong, he was trusted with the divine and a heavy flail to find a way to persevere.

Zayifid, was The West Wind. He was a charmer, diplomat, and charleton. I felt he knew of secret after secret. There was a wit to him.

“Ominously, The Wind From Every Direction At Once. Silent, efficient, powerful. A capable assassin, and scout. His methods seemed brutish, but his dedication was unquestionable. He had done anything for The Winds. His name… Davashuum.

“I saw creatures made of flesh and flame, that cursed my name as I cast them to the earth, over and over. I felt wounds and unbelievable agony, but I could not die. It seemed it was my burden to continue a duty. This is the fate was chosen.

“I saw a women whom I thought to be the most beautiful women I had ever seen. And she was the fiercest warrior. She was my friend and leader. It was pangs for her that I had suffered endlessly, it was her vision of a better world. I felt my endless fight was all to please her. I could see and felt pride from her, but it did not seem it was pride I was after.


“A voice spoke in the darkness of my mind. It was strong yet fading… ‘Son of my Blood, It is good that you fight. You will need fight in you before the end. Long have I waited, conserving the last of my mortal energy for this moment. I could take no chances.’

“He imparted me memories of his past and his truest ally. Toward the end the voice was weak and frail… vanishing. Like a dying man on his death bed. He requires much of me to fufill a duty that the world requires. It needs me to fight.

“The last words came out haunting, ‘The Legacy of Fire must end. My duty is renewed in you. I…I am sorry.’ That is when I awoke on the stairs disoriented.


“For a short time I have felt the freedom of a free man. It is a contract I do not fully understand or care for. I do know it is a dying man’s wish to know his mastery has not been forgotten or in vain. The Master of Masters understands this. And for this, I may carry this torch for this man Vardishal and find my own path of perfection in this world.”


Visions and Mold

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