A New Dawn

A New Dawn
House of the Beast Preamble

Day gives forth to darkness, and in time, dawn rises anew. The wheel turns, and all endings of past tales are but a new beginning, of a story yet to be told.

Your weeks of danger and adventure in service to Almah Roveshki have brought forth a new life. Risen from the despairs of slavery, solitude, and listlessness, you have been reborn. Wealth, Power, Companionship, Entertainment, now you have the ability to fulfill your own desires, and make your mark on the world.

From its humble beginnings with the fall of the Kuldis and the purging of the ancient evil Xulthos, the abandoned trade outpost of Kelmarane has grown. In the months following your victory, scores of settlers, merchants, and carpetbaggers alike descend on the town, and the rebuilding begins in earnest.

Freed from your contracts, you have all chosen to stay or return and lend your considerable power, to shape Kelmarane from the ground up. By the end of the year the village thrives, over 500 souls name it home. Wealth from distant Osirion, Thuvia, and Nex have made the town rich, and its founders prosperous indeed.

Khatovar, The Tempest, champion of the towns fierce Battle Arena, men come from all of Western Katapesh to test their mettle against you and learn from your wisdom. But from your position at the top of the Battle Market, you look down upon Kelmarane and remember the pains of slavery and dependence. You find ways to give back to this community that has given you a new life. You lend your prominent skills and muscle to the towns guard and construction crews, and ensure the safety of all through frequent patrols into the wilds. The people know you as their champion, their defender, here in the chaos of the western frontier, Haleen by your side, you are loved, and at peace.

Glarthobalvott, after a nine month sojurn into the wilds at the behest of the Pathfinder Society, you have returned to Kelmarane to seek the means to fully unleash the mind from the limitations of reality. Though much of your time is spent “researching” at the Temple of Nethys, your newly mented trade organization, “Treeglabarrow’s Caravan of Curious Collectibles, under the watchful eye and the smooth tongue of Adock is a frequent presence among the towns bazaar. Many come to spectacle at and purchase the wonders of ancient empires long faded to obscurity, whether real or not, business is good. While in town, you find your home at the Wharfmaster Manor filled with beautiful women and scented incense. And when you see fit to handle business yourself, you are accosted by youth, eager to hear the great adventures of the mysterious Pathfinder Society, and discover stories of ancient and distant lore. Here in Kelmarane, your drug addled brain has found all the pleasures of life it misplaced in its youth, boredom is forgotten when there is so much to live for.

Ce-tan, returning from Katapesh, purses bulging with hard earned coin, you set about rebuilding Kelmarine with your ample mind and social grace. The vital markets of sex and service are quickly cornered. With the others distracted by their own pursuits, you turn Almah’s reward of the Wharfmaster’s manor into a bordello, “The Sultan’s Wish” can sate any desire for the right cost, and for travel weary pilgrims and merchants, the cost is always right. With the ever talented and keen mind of Morgiana tending to the needs of your “establishment” on a daily basis, you turn your attentions to dominating the villages slave, drug, and information markets. It is a lucrative affair, not only for yourself, but also for Almah, and by extension the Pactmasters themselves. But standing alone, watching the sun rise in the east from atop your “Sultan’s Wish,” at the very seat of your power and prestige, you remember your beginnings as a slave in distant Katapesh, and the cause of your unceasing ambition. You are the master of Kelmarane in all but name, and soon, the time will be at hand, to gather your wealth and power, and return to Katapesh to sate your vengeance.

But despite the villages great fortune, rare are the nights, when the Howl of the Carrion King and all those sworn to the Rough Beast does not call forth, and strike panic into the hearts of the weak. You have faced the gnolls and defeated them once, but a greater threat looms on the horizon.

With the end of the rainy season, come new rumors of increased gnoll activity. Caravans lost, farms torched, settlers lost to the whims of the enemy. Though the valley around Kelmarane has been spared, the citizens fear for their safety and look to you for guidance and council, and you remember a promise, a promise of vengeance and destruction. With everything you have achieved in Kelmarane at stake…your business with the gnolls has not been concluded. Unlike the heroes from tales of old, it is not yet time for your happily ever after.

A New Dawn

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