I may elude those who seek me even though I cannot hide. I may be in plain sight, but they do not see me. I may be at the tip of their tongue, yet they cannot remember me. What am I?
An Answer


An ancient philosopher, the proud and mighty Androsphinx, Chashagra, has lived in his bizarre fortress and oasis of Chass since before Katapesh was first settled by the outcasts of ancient Ossiria.

Chashagra was content ignoring the happenings of the world and spending his time dwelling on his particular interests. In the ancient world he was happy to spend time debating with the local Badawi on the nature of man’s role in the world and who was more worthy to rule, beast or man. Despite the often tension filled debates Chashagra grew to accept the Badawi as dear friends.

When the Keleshites came, and the Badawi abandoned their old gods, they left Chashagra an ancient Tome, King of Beasts, for safekeeping, so that its evil would remain hidden from the world. The Keleshites who settled Katapesh had no patience for the musings of a wise but cranky sphinx, and in time Chashagra was all but forgotten.

When Ahmet Bektar discovered [Ramashta]]‘s failing water supply he sought to resettle the town at Chashagra’s oasis, which the introverted sphinx promptly denied. Seeing no alternatives Ahmet hired Game Over to slay Chashagra.

However, Game Over failed to kill Chashagra, they instead killed Savith, Chashagra’s pregnant mate. Broken beyond despair Chashagra turned to the easy and powerful magics of the King of Beasts to seek justice, bringing evil down upon Ramashta.

Due to your actions, you were able to break the treacherous book’s hold on the mighty sphinx, restoring order, peace, and a new water supply to the town of Ramashta.


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