A strange and imposing priest of Sarenrae who came to Kelmarane to warn you about a gnoll threat. That the hordes of the various gnoll tribes were gathering under the banner of The Carrion King, and would seek vengeance for The Kuldis Tribe.

A self confessed pacifist, he urged you to avoid all out bloodshed and war by assassinating the Carrion King and letting the tribes fall back to the infighting that has so long plagued their species. The Carrion King can be found at The House of the Beast on the western slopes of Pale Mountain deep within The Brazen Peaks.

Supposedly he learnt this information through visions gifted from the Dawnflower.

Khatovar recognized that the man was not being entirely truthful, that he had the airs of someone who enjoys telling a good lie and getting away with it.

Despite this, evidence of the gnolls increased activity is obvious. There was obviously some truth in his message.

After delivering his message, he seemed eager to leave.

You’ve come to suspect than Zayiid was another mask of the Janni, Zayifed, a Templar of the Five Winds.


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