“He who can charm the skirts off a virgin with a smile. The scoundrel, the diplomat, the charmer, the spy. The West Wind, upon which secrets thought hidden are carried. A wit unmatched, sharper than his scimitar, he always has the words for the job.”

—from A Vision and Mold

Zayifid was a legendary hero from ages past. A member of The Templars of the Five Winds, the supposedly immortal Janni dedicated his life to fighting evil.

You encountered a Janni, calling himself Zayifid, within The House of the Beast. He had infiltrated the Carrion Tribe, and gained the trust of The Carrion King posing as a mystical assassin named Rokova.

When the confrontation broke out with the Carrion King, Rokova, urged the group via some sort of telepathic message to flee. When the groups might proved to be enough to face Ghartouk head on, Rokova instead redirected his efforts to ensuring that no other gnolls would be able to interfere in your fight.

He has thanked you for slaying the Carrion King, remarking that you served him remarkably well, and that he could not have done it better himself. He claims that you came to the house of the beast under his initiative, to overthrow the Carrion King to protect mankind.

When Thkot’Tal stirred from the slaughter, Zayifid urged you to flee through a secret portal below the Carrion Kings throne. He urged you to seek out the Pit of Screaming Ghosts, and the tomb of a mighty gnoll sorcerer named Shirak. Where you could find your “just reward” for your service to him.

Curiously as you fled the Carrion Kings murder pit, Zayifid did not follow…and he shut the sealed hidden entrance behind you.

Upon returning from the Pit of Screaming Ghosts, you again encountered Zayifed. He had remade the Carrion King’s throne room into a scene straight from a sultan’s harem, and manipulated the surviving gnolls into acknowledging him as the new King.

Upon your return, you bantered for a time, until Zayifed made clear, he desires The Scroll of Kakishon. He sees it as just payment for the services and sacrifices he has made over the last 400 or so years. And he is not willing to allow any to get in his way.

After alluding to the fact that he had a role in Kardswann’s demise, the party attacked. But the powers of the Janni are great, and he made a quick retreat into the ethereal plane. But not before promising that he would destroy you, that you have no idea of the resources he can bring to bare.

And with prideful glee, that he would do so without ever drawing his sword. Afterall, words can be so literal.

With his final utterance, he commanded his gnoll slaves to bring forth Thkot’Tal.

Despite resisting Ce-tan’s compulsions, Zayifed, arrogantly shared his hearts desire anyway, to gain The Wisdom of Suleimon, a quest all true genies share.

After returning to Kelmarane you discovered the body of Ukar in Ce-tan’s bed, with a message and a warning from Zayifid. He thinks nothing of discarding tools that outlive their worth.

Zayifid lead an ambush of Gnolls from The Circle tribe against you at the Hell of Eternal Thirst. You survived the onslought, but the same could not be said for over 100 slaves and 150 gnolls who perished in the battle.

Zayifid tried to abduct Glarthobalvot, after Ce-tan, under Zayifid’s compulsion, gave up the location of the Scroll. However the battle turned in your favor, and he was forced to flee into the ethereal plane.


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