Xotani, The Firebleeder

Wrath-Blazing Xotani, the Firebleeder, was a Spawn of Rovagug. It haunted northern Garund. Scholars blame it for the wastes of “Katapesh, Nex and southern Osirion”.

Circa 2100 AR the “Legion of Wands” formed: genie-binders from Katapesh, sand mages from Osirion, archmages from Nex and others from throughout all Garund. After four years, the Legion finally trapped Xotani in the Brazen Peaks of Katapesh. In a battle lasting “a day and a night” it was defeated at great cost.

According to the Storyteller 1,001 wishes were cast by the survivors to keep the immortal beast from rising once again.

It is said that Pale Mountain’s peak is white, due to the remains of Xotani’s bones. You however have seen the bones, deep within The House of the Beast, and they are as black as Rovagug’s twisted heart.


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