Trevvus and the Mercenaries

Trevvus and the Mercenaries

The six mercenaries travelling with the Caravan are a disreputable lot, thick with soiled armor, greasy hair, and mismatched weapons, a distinct contrast to the well-mannered, meticulous, professionalism of The Zephyr Guard. Garavel feels their competence and reliability are circumspect, believing them to be “reformed” brigands.

Trevvis Kellishite Male, the “leader” of the group, he is of medium build with a neat goatee, and a falchion he wears over the shoulder. He favors his own band for company, but has a charming, easy going attitude. After a well placed “Charm Person” he gets along well with Ce-Tan, though the spell has long since worn off…Trevvis was slain during the assault upon Kelmarane’s upper city.

Utarchus Kellishite Male, a small man with a snarky attitude, he wields a Scimitar, Buckler, and Longbow, but you suspect he has done more work with his dagger. On the first night in the valley surround Kelmarane, Utarchus returned from a scouting trip, horrified beyond comprehension. Some monstrous flying beast “stole” his shadow, and evidently part of his mind.

Dullen Garundi Male, a large man with a deep easy laugh. He speaks little and only with a very heavy accent. He carries a greataxe, and crossbow. However, before you had a real chance to get to know him, Dullen was killed defending the Monastery from a Katapeshi Leopard, and what was left of his mutilated body was dragged into the Pesh fields surrounding Kelmarane.

Kallien Chelaxian Female, athletic, boisterous, and standoffish. Kallien favors a spear and heavy shield.

Brotis Kellishite Female, large, rude, and stupid, Brotis is often the target of the others’ cruelties. She wields a falchion and several throwing spears, though you suspect she’d rather use her hands.

Yesper Garundi Female, beautiful, lithe, and nasty Yesper is most often seen in the company of Utarchus, she wields a lone scimitar, and longbow.

After your victory over Kelmarane, Trevvis’s mercenary band has broken up and gone their sepperate ways. Each handling the deaths of their two friends in their own manner. Yesper and Utarchus took up jobs as Caravan Guards and left Kelmarane for good. Kallien stayed and has helped organize the village’s militia. Brotis, likewise, can often be found at the Battle Market, pounding face for easy Scarabs, or at Sultan’s Wish, drinking heavily, and staring lustily at Ce-tan.

Trevvus and the Mercenaries

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