In gnoll, The Little God. A massive beast that even the gnolls of The House of the Beast fear. Zayifid claims it can be summoned to the altar of Rovagug with slaughter.

After slaying The Carrion King, something massive was moving beneath the mass grave. Weakened as you were, you did not stay to see the beast for yourself.

Zayifid summoned Thkot’Tal with the sacrifice of several slaves, when your negotiations went sour. The massive centipede had been transformed/possessed by a fiery Qlippoth after consuming one of Xotani‘s bones. Infused with an alien rage and hatred against all mortals, the monstrous beast swiftly tried to end you.

It Failed. Frozen by Ce-tan’s wish fueled explosion of endothermic energy, Thkot’Tall’s corpse shattered into a million icy shards. Xotani’s obsidian bone melted through the floor, somehow still hot after all these years.


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