The Scroll of Kakishon

The Scroll of Kakishon

This tattered parchment, about twice the size of a typical arcane scroll, is mounted on an elaborate brass scroll rod. It radiates overwhelming magic, but you were unable to identify the school or any of its enchantments.

The parchment bears an elaborate rune. Of the various traditions of arcane lore, the rune appears to belong to the Nexian tradition.

Khatovar, upon seeing the scroll, from his latent memories of Vardishal, felt a powerful urge of simultaneous relief and anxiety. But more of all, a protectiveness, as if the scroll could not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

He recalls a bit of esoteric History, that seems pertinent. He believes this might be the fabled Scroll of Kakishon.

Viewing the Scroll in a reflection has revealed it as a map of an island archipelago. Curiously only Ce-tan and Glarthobbalvott were able to see the change.

Investigating the Scroll of Kakishon

DC 15 The scroll is not a typical magic scroll—it does not contain hidden spells, but has some other use. The rune on the scroll itself is not a character from any known alphabet, but it nonetheless bears a resemblance to runes of power utilized in the workings of arcanists from the southern nation of Nex.

DC 20 The strange rune on the scroll is one that is often associated with the mysterious wizard-king Nex, although this association is primarily with periods early in Nex’s rule, from a time after he had achieved great power but before his war with Geb reached its height. Runes like these were often used to mask the true contents of a page, and often one gifted in magic could pierce the obscuring rune with spells, by observing the map in a reflected surface or under certain kinds of light, while under the effects of mind-altering substances, or after waking from particularly vivid dreams. The rune itself is an obscure Nexian rune that symbolizes a mysterious realm called Kakishon.

DC 25 The realm of Kakishon is said to have been either conquered or created by Nex and used by the wizardking as a secret hideout or retreat for pleasure and private researches. Properly translated, the rune is said to transform into a map of the realm of Kakishon and to point out the way to reach it. Legend holds that a weapon of great power, (thought by most to be a fiery sword and by others to be a magical spell that allows total control over the element of fire), was hidden in a vault in Kakishon, along with a mind-boggling horde of other treasures as well, including a number of Nex’s own creations.

In Katapesh (city) you were introduced to Rayhan Xobhadi, an associate of Almah Roveshki. With his deep understanding of extra dimensional he was able to make inroads into understanding the scroll.

More importantly, he knew of an wizard, Andrathi, who lived about 400 years ago, who supposedly cracked the scroll, before vanishing. After recovering Andrathi’s work from The One Source Guild, Rayhan was able to open the scroll.

The Scroll of Kakishon

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