The Refuge of the All Seeing Eye

The Refuge of the All-Seeing-Eye

The Refuge of the All-Seeing-Eye hides among the badlands of the Brazen Peaks in Katapesh, about a mile east of Kelmarane. It is a monastery which was built by the Priesthood of the All-Seeing Eye amid the isolated badlands south of Osirion, approximately 1,200 years ago. The worshipers of Nethys, god of magic, honored their deity there for centuries, until other holy places rose to prominence. The monks abandoned the temple a couple hundred years ago, it remains largely forgotten.

The Refuge was supposedly built upon land from which the Breath of Nethys flowed. Granting Enlightenment and vision to all who experienced it.

Today, Crumbling after centuries of neglect, the ancient monastery’s walls loom 20 feet high. Elaborate friezes once covered the battered limestone, but scouring winds have destroyed many of the ancient carvings.

West of the temple, mostly buried ruins sprawl for hundreds of yards, mute testimonies to what once must have been impressive structures.

The Refuge of the All Seeing Eye

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