The One Source Guild

The One Source Guild

One of the dozens of major importer/exporter guilds that fuel the mercantile machine of the city of Katapesh. The One Source is known to be able to locate and traffic anything for the right price. They have a reputation for specializing in truly reprehensible items, including trade that even the disreputable Nightstalls might quail at offering.

They frequently work through third party facilitators, such work is incredibly profitable, but the penalty for failing to uphold a contract with the One Source Guild is severe. They always deliver.

The One Source is suspected to frequently work with The Jackal a mysterious assassin of great renown operating in the city of Katapesh.

Haleen with her extensive experience with Katapesh’s slave trade was approached by the One Source to procure a slave of particular background. When she reneged on the deal, a price was put on her head.

Ce-tan and Khatovar were able to meet with an agent of the One Source Guild and negotiate a release from Haleen’s contract. Her life is spared, provided she never show her face in the city of Katapesh again. The agent you met with was a beautiful and imposing women with a presence of supreme intelligence and malice. The left side of her face was covered by a stylized spider tattoo.

After returning to Katapesh city with The Scroll of Kakishon you were set upon by street thugs, paid off with Leng Rubies.

Your search for the lost works of the wizard Andrathi lead you into contact with Maysam Fajr. A beautiful and cruel women covered in spider tattoos. The head, or at least the face of the One Source Guild. It was revealed that the guild had been hired to collect the Scroll of Kakishon, you refused to sell, so The Jackal tried to take it by force.

Failing to best you in combat, the Jackal and his Hashashins, made off with Rayhan Xobhadi and held him hostage.

Annoyed by the One Source Guild’s Violation of an important deal, and “openly” criminal behavior, the Pactbroker at the behest of the Pactmaster’s have chosen Cetan to overthrow the One Source Guild, and take their place in the criminal economy of Katapesh.

After questioning Maysam Fajr (under Suggestion) it was revealed that the Pactmasters had hired her to grow Emkrah’s (using the hate and violence of the city) for The Denizens of Leng.

Maysam instead, took their resources, and using the matured Emkrah tried to stage a violent overthrow of the Pactmasters. Annihilating the One Source leadership put an end to their Coup attempt, however Maysam’s “Night of Fire” wiped out a significant portion of the wealthy and powerful within Katapesh, and an untold number of the Jackal’s assassins have escaped retribution.

Deep within the One Source compound you came face to face with the Jackal. It became apparent that Zayifid had hired the one source guild to assist him in gaining position of the Scroll of Kakishon.

The Jackal, the true leader of the One Source Guild, was revealed to be a Therionthrope, and a devout follower of Rovagug.

With the assistance of the The Captain of the Sunset Ship The Jackal and Zayifid were slain.

The One Source Guild

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