The Lions of Senara

The Lions of Senara

A Chellaxian adventuring party of no or little renown. May be members of the Pathfinder organization.

From the interrogation of the gnoll Brrr’Arck. you suspect the group ran afoul of The Kuldis Tribe of Kelmarane.

A survivor of the group, a Chellaxian named Filliped, has filled you in on what happened.

The group, a female huntsman named Aula , a priest of Abadar named Oxvard ), and an educated gentleman of many talents, and pathfinder, Filliped, had joined forces with a Cavalier from Solku, Zafar, and his Page, Aakif al’Sharron, to investigate Kelmarane.

The Lions wished to gain entry to the lower level of the Church of Sarenrea. The church supposedly hid a great treasure, that was sealed into the crypts by a powerful Interdiction Seal, and abandoned when the town fell 20 years ago.

They were discovered and set upon by gnolls. During the ensuing combat, Aakif was slain. The rest of the group were taken captive. Aula, was eaten alive in an orgy of debauchery and blood the first night. Her screams meant to weaken the will of her compatriots.

2 days later, Oxvard, was taken to be questioned. He was tied spread eagle to the flagstones outside the Battle Market, and disemboweled, alive. The gnolls then preceded to eat him as well.

With the gnolls distraction, the motivation of Oxvard’s death, and the divine gifts of Sarenrae, Zafar was able to break free and together with Filliped, escape the city under heavy pursuit.

With the death of The Kuldis Tribe, the Lions of Senara have been avenged.

The Lions of Senara

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