The Kuldis Tribe

The Kuldis Tribe

The Kuldis tribe, is a pack of Gnolls who make the ruins of Kelmarane their home.

According to the Gnoll captive Brr’Arck under interrogation, the Kuldis were driven out of The Brazen Peaks by other stronger gnoll tribes. However recent events seem to have created a change of fortune for the Kuldis.

5 weeks ago a mighty human warrior arrived, and after slaying the tribes chieftain and shamans was appointed chief by the surviving gnolls. This human, Kard’san, as the gnolls stutter with difficulty is a great champion of The Carrion King, a devotee of Rovagug, the rough beast. The goblin, Jank, more capable at human speech, refered to this champion by the name Kardswann.

Since this event the pack has grown stronger with acquisition of other gnolls and monstrous creatures into the tribe. Kard’san has used the tribes position along major trade routes and as a gateway into The Brazen Peaks to generate wealth through banditry, smuggling, and bloodsport. The tribe now numbers 30 gnoll warriors, a Peryton, a Schir (Kezurkian), a Dire Boar (Old Bone Grinder), many Hyena, a goblin, and a Harpy (Undrella).

The second in command, is a Flind by the name Ugruk. Who supposedly captured The Lions of Senara near single-handily.

The majority of the Kuldis Gnolls where slain defending the Battle Market of Kelmarane from the heroic efforts of the player characters. Undrella, Ugruk, and Kardswann, the mysterious leader of the Kuldis, revealed in death to be a Janni and one of The Templars of the Five Winds, also faced their demise.

The Kuldis Tribe

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