The House of the Beast

The House of the Beast

Located on the western slopes of Pale Mountain. The House of the Beast is said to be a place where Rovagug touched the world long ago.

According to the Gnoll, Ukar, The “temple” has been there for as long as Gnoll oral history remembers. It is a dark wretched place, where all those who give prayer to the Mother, Lamashtu, know to avoid. All who go there never return.

Until The Carrion King emerged from the ruins, and began his reign.

Khatovar recalled that 300 years or so previously a gnoll army was defeated in the valley that became Kelmarane. This gnoll army supposedly was affiliated in some fashion with the House of the Beast.

You have traveled to The House of the Beast, an ancient structure nestled among the heights of Pale Mountain, and it is as marvelous as it is terrible. It is a cold, barren place. Built in an impossible location, with craftsmanship far beyond anything a gnoll could work, or desire. But the idolatry is clear, this palace, magnificent it may have once been in its marbles and brass, is surely dedicated to the Rough Beast.

Within the House, after stumbling upon and slaying the current master, The Carrion King, you encountered a Janni, Zayifid. He told you of a great beast, that the gnolls referred to as Thkot’Tal. A beast that can be summoned to Rovagug’s Altar with slaughter.

He also lead you into a secret chamber below the House, some sort of garden paradise crafted with incredibly potent magic, alien to the horrors of the rest of the House. Zayifid instructed you to seek out your “Just Reward” by finding the Wailing Cavern and the Tome of Shirak, a powerful gnoll Sorcerer, and the original master of the House.

The House of the Beast

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