The Carrion King

The Carrion King

A mysterious Gnoll Warlord, who commands many of the tribes of The Brazen Peaks from his throne upon Pale Mountain. From the interrogation of the Gnoll Brrr’Ark, The Carrion King seems to be a follower of Rovagug, The Rough Beast.

Every night when the moon hits its highest peak a soul shattering howl rings out from Pale Mountain, all in the region hear the call, and magically induced fear grips your heart.

As the various chieftains loyal to The Carrion King answer his howl, you take some solace that the number is now one less.

The Gnoll Ukar has told you some of the Carrion Kings rise of power. Eight years ago at the battle of Red Hail, during the seige of Solku. Ukar served with the gnoll Ghartouk, who would become the Carrion King.

Even then Ghartouk, was known to be incredibly mighty in battle, and Noor, the Red Sultana, had given him command of their rear guard, in hopes to limit his growing influence.

Ghartouk, took such orders poorly, and lead his gnolls into battle anyway. In the ensuing melee, Ghartouk and his closest circle, lost sight of friend from foe and slew indiscriminately. There was much carnage.

None would face Ghartouk in battle, and so instead of being put down like the rabid monster he was, the matriarchs exiled him from the tribe. Ghartouk gathered those who remained loyal to him, and departed.

From here, Ukar can only tell you hearsay, Ghartouk and his closest allies departed, and journeyed to The House of the Beast. Several days later, Ghartouk emerged from the ancient temple alone, and many times his previous size and strength.

He swiftly set out to dominate all the tribes of The Brazen Peaks, murdering any who swore to Lamashtu and propagating his new wretched religion.

You confronted the Carrion King below the House of the Beast. Despite his incredible strength and divine gifts, you slew him, and took his head as a trophy.

Before he fell in combat, he withstood time and again the damage to his body a mortal should be able to withstand. You saw his ability to inspire rage and murder in others with not but a word face on, whatever he was…it was clearly more than a gnoll.

After you slew him, some sort of insectoid larva crawled out of a wound in his head, the larva was quickly dispatched.

The Carrion King

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