This seemingly plain six foot long staff is crafted of an unknown sky gray material that is cold to the touch. Closer inspection reveals very fine swirling patterns that may represent stylized storm clouds and/or breaking waves. Though you have never seen the lines actually move, you swear they are different each time you pick up the staff. There are no tooling marks and despite all attempts you have been unable to mar its surface.

When held in hand, a cold comfortable numbness spreads throughout your body. You feel at ease, and confident.

While you were able to decipher the effect of a small part of the vast intricately woven web that surrounds the staff, most of the staff’s power remains shrouded in mystery. It is more powerful and more fluid than any magic you have seen previously or heard of, and the structure of its enchantments leads you to wonder as to the nature of its construction. It is seemingly neither of any arcane nor divine crafting method you know of. Detect Magic reveals that the enchantment pulses and flows periodically in an organic fashion, as if the enchantment, and the weapon, itself was alive. It radiates magic of the Universal and Evocation Schools. The staff’s aura is overwhelming.

Tempest was the legendary weapon wielded by the Janni, Vardishal, in his service as a member of The Templars of the Five Winds. It, along with its master, has been missing for several centuries.

After encountering the Janni Kardswann, Tempest’s power has grown.

Aura Overwhelming (Evocation, Universal); CL 20th; Slot: Weapon; Weight 2 lbs

  • +2 Enhancement Bonus
  • Frost (su) Upon command, Tempest becomes sheathed in a terrible, icy cold that deals an extra 1d6 points of cold damage on a successful hit. The cold does not harm you.
  • Good (su) Tempest is good-aligned and thus bypasses the corresponding damage reduction.
  • Endure Elements (ex) While Tempest is in your possession you are effected as by the Endure Elements spell.
  • Fire Resistance (su) While wielding Tempest you gain Fire Resistance 10.
  • Weapon Shift (su) As a standard action once per day you can command the staff to temporarily transform into any melee weapon. The new weapon retains all the enhancements and abilities of the staff. The staff can maintain this transformation for 1 hour per caster level. (15) This is a supernatural ability. Alternatively the staff can take the form of a pair of bracers, lending their potent aid to the use of unarmed strikes.
  • Spell-like Abilities (sp) Once per day you may use Tempest to cast Bless, Cure Light Wounds, or Obscuring Mist CL 15.
  • Hidden Potential You sense a great power lurking within the staff. Despite the incredible aura it radiates, the staff’s measurable enhancements seem rather humble. Perhaps there is some ritual or key that will unlock the staff’s potential. Or perhaps it is merely waiting for it’s wielder to prove himself worthy.


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