The Storyteller

Going by the name Al Hakawari, and accompanied by two very determined intelligent donkeys named Left and Right, you encountered this jolly and somewhat eccentric old man in your flight from the House of the Beast.

Somehow protected from the dangers of the Brazen Peaks, his fire was a welcome respite, and he proved a gracious host, sharing a bowl of Pesh and many stories of Heroes long past.

Unable to return home for reasons unannounced he had set himself the task of collecting stories of the heroism of mortals. Indeed this was why he sought you out, to collect your tale of the happenings below the House of the Beast.

In the morning you woke to find yourself just a few miles outside of Kelmarane. As to the mysterious old man, otherworldly being, there was no sign besides two tokens. A crystal vial of the Tears of Avanashea, and an elaborate hand drawn book of the Songs of Shazathared. Inside the book was tucked a note, asking you to return the book to its rightful owner.


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