A Culture of Pesh

Pesh is the life force of Katapesh, the eponymous plant that drives trade and provides farmers with crops year after year. The word “pesh” refers both to the leafy, vibrant green cacti that flourish in the Katapesh deserts and to the narcotic distilled from their milk.

Pesh Addiction

Pesh is an addictive substance. While Pesh Whey can be consumed without fear, frequent consumption of Pesh in other forms can lead to addiction. Each night after consuming Pesh make a foritude save to test for addiction. If this test is failed, you become addicted. From thereafter if you ever go for a longer duration then the Satiation period without consuming Pesh you must make another fortitude save. Failure means you take Withdrawal penalties. Succeeding at this saving throw for two Satiation periods will end your addiction.

Pesh and Raw Pesh
Addiction DC: 9 Fortitude
Satiation: 5 days
Withdrawals:1d2 Dex and Wisdom damage, 1 Con damage.
Cure: 2 Consecutive Saves

Refined Pesh
Addiction DC: 12 Fortitude
Satiation: 3 days
Withdrawals:1d4 Dex, Wisdom, and Con damage.
Cure: 3 Consecutive Saves

For hundreds of years Pesh has been a resource that Katapesh can thank for its survival. Pesh is used for a wide variety of purposes, and an estimated 50,000 products can be produced from Pesh including the manufacture of cordage of varying tensile strength, everlasting clothing, walling and foodstuffs. The fibres from Pesh are primarily blended with other organic fibres such as flax, cotton or silk, for apparel and furnishings. When treated correctly, pesh fibres can also often used in non-woven items and other industrial applications, such as mulch, animal bedding and litter. The oil boiled from the Pesh cacti when dried become solid on exposure to air, similar to other common plant oils, and is sometimes used in the manufacture of longer lasting oil-based paints, in herbalist creams as a moisturizing agent, for cooking, and in some roofing applications. Pesh seeds have have also been used in stock food although its use is primarily used is hunting and fishing methodologies. Essentially, Katapesh is made of Pesh, and some scolars argue that this is how Katapesh came by its name from the Ancient Osirian word Kata meaning “made of”.

Pesh however is not know for just its many uses in order to keep the inhabitants of the country clothed, fed and housed. Pesh also has a a secondary use, and that is of a narcotic. Pesh was also known to the ancient Osirians, who discovered its psychoactive properties after experimenting with the drug some of their religious ceremonies. The Ancient Osirians originally called it Pao-sha meaning “way to the underdark”, some scholars say alluded to the vision enducing properties the drug gave when prepared in a certain way, while others suggest its name was a warning to unsuspecting users of the addictive properties that the drug exerts.

Most travelers have heard tales of bitter, milky pesh, but the drug actually exists in several forms. The easiest way to make pesh is to remove one of the cactus’ flat, thorn-studded leaves and milk the liquid within. The thin, pungent milk begins to curdle after 3 days in a cool, dry place. An additive called nagri—a bitter salt mined from dry lakebeds such as Sabkha—is stirred into the spoiled milk at this point and allowed to sit for another day. Large white lumps form in the mixture, like butter in churned milk, and a fine mesh strains the lumps (the raw pesh) from the liquid whey. Pesh in this raw solid form can be eaten plain for a narcotic dose, or more commonly smoked in a water pipe or hookah. There are however much more dangerous preparation methods of the drug which creat such narcotics as Refined Pesh, Purple Pesh, and Red Pesh to name a few.

Types of Pesh

Type: Ingested
Poison DC: 12
Addiction DC: 9
Beneficial Effect: 10 Temp Hitpoints, +1 Morale Bonus to saves vs Fear, for 1 hour.
Negative Effect: -2 Wisdom for 24 hours
Cost Per Dose: 10 silver

Raw Pesh
Type: Ingested
Poison DC: 12
Addiction DC: 9
Beneficial Effect: 10 Temp Hitpoints, +1 Morale Bonus to saves vs Fear, for 1 hour.
Negative Effect: -2 Wisdom, Sickened, for 24 hours
Cost Per Dose: 1 silver

Refined Pesh
Type: Ingested
Poison DC: 15
Addiction DC: 12
Beneficial Effect: 15 Temp Hitpoints, +2 Morale Bonus to saves vs Fear, for 1 hour.
Negative Effect: -4 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity for 24 hours
Cost Per Dose: 10 scarabs

Pesh Whey
Type: Ingested
Poison DC: 10
Addiction DC: 0
Beneficial Effect: 1 Temp Hitpoints, for 1 hour.
Negative Effect: -1 to Will saves verse Mind Affecting for 1 hour.
Cost Per Dose: 1 or 2 coppers

Purple Pesh
Type: Ingested
Poison DC: 18
Addiction DC: 0
Negative Effect: Initial 1d2 Con and Str, Secondary Unonsciencous for 1 hour, Sickened for 24 hours.
Cost Per Dose: 200 scarabs

In order to make refined pesh, farmers must wait for the 2 months a year when the cacti bloom. Fat seedpods swell on the plants, and the farmers carefully score the pods with sharp blades. Sap oozes from the score marks and hardens into resin. Farmers must spend weeks of delicate work scoring the pods, harvesting the dried resin after a day, and scoring fresh marks until every pod is dry (save for a few to allow fertilization). The farmers then add the resin to the raw pesh to form sticky black blocks which can be eaten, rolled into leaves for smoking, or mixed into drinks.

Refined pesh is much more potent than raw pesh and is considered a high-quality item for nobles and rich traders. On the opposite end of the quality spectrum is the weak liquid pesh whey, which is rarely found outside of Katapesh. Poor folk add pesh whey to tea, pack whey-soaked gauze against their gums, or sop it up with hard bread and eat it.

Many vendors that sell an assortment of other goods usually
provide a limited supply of the popular drug as well. Pesh is virtually everywhere. Because the Pactmasters and the Council of Guilds strictly set and regulate sale prices on goods, one vendor’s shop is little different from another when it comes to obtaining the drug. The current price for pesh is 10 sp per ounce.

Though a few variations of the drug exist, Pesh is usually a sticky powder sold in 1-ounce tubular vials of sun-baked clay, ceramic, or decorative glass. Regular pesh users keep their own unique vials that they can attach to necklaces and wear around their necks like charms. They are available from the same vendors that sell the drug, though the more extravagant containers are sold by jewelers and metalworkers that specialize in making them. A decorative vial may be made of colored glass, bone, ivory, or precious metals such as silver and gold. Some are encrusted with gems or have the individual’s name or artwork etched into its surface. Hundreds of variations exist, each one providing a sense of individuality to pesh users. The cost for any particular vial varies with its craftsmanship. A simple clay vial costs 1 cp, ceramic 1 sp, and glass 1 gp. The most extravagant can cost upwards of 500gp.

Pesh Magic

Those who use pesh walk a fine line between delirium and death, chasing the euphoria of the drug but risking addiction and sickness from excessive use. A few rare spellcasters use their knowledge to explore hidden pathways revealed by the drug, expanding their awareness of their own f lesh and learning how to manipulate the minds and bodies of others. Pesh addicts call these wise ones sahir-afiyun, a Katapeshi phrase meaning “sorcerers of sleep,” and seek them out for advice on ways to heighten their own euphoria or stave off the ravages of addiction.

Sahir are usually mages, though a few druids or priests of Norgorber skilled in the lore of herbs study pesh-magic. Most sahir use their powers to manipulate and control others, and wealthy pesh-traders often have a sahir on the payroll to manage the quality of the drug. In lands outside of Katapesh where pesh is restricted or illegal, sahir are usually leaders of smuggling rings or associated with thieves’ guilds that traffic in pesh. Very rarely, a sahir uses his knowledge to help free others from pesh, though their own use of the drug makes them hypocrites in this practice. Sahir can use their knowledge to teach addicts how to tap into additional benefits of the drug, but a lucky few addicts discover these abilities on their own.

Sahir are always regular users of pesh; their spells and special abilities rely on it. Powerful sahir carry numerous vials of pesh and refined pesh, and many wrap their bodies in linens soaked in pesh whey, eventually resembling bizarre mummies with multiple layers of these linens. Though the drug gives them the haggard appearance of an addict, they can never overdose on pesh (though they can become addicted).


You have intertwined your familiarity with pesh and magic to unlock strange powers of enchantment, necromancy, and conjuration.

Prerequisites: Able to cast 2nd-level spells, pesh user, and Spell Focus (enchantment) or Spell Focus (necromancy) or Spell Focus (conjuration).

Benefit: Add the sahir-afiyun spells to the spell list of your casting class. If you have more than one spellcasting class, choose one and add the sahir-afiyun spells to that class’s spell list.

You can easily recognize all forms of pesh, including tainted or false pesh, and gain a +5 competence bonus to Appraise checks made to determine the value of pesh or realize that a substance is not true pesh.

You gain a +1 bonus on Fortitude saving throws and a +2 bonus on saving throws against poison.

This feat counts as the Endurance feat for the purpose of qualifying for the Diehard feat.

Sahir-Afiyun Spells
All Sahir-Afiyun spells require a dose of pesh as a material component.
1st—lesser confusion, night blindness, pesh vigor, ray of sickening,
remove fear, sleep, obscuring mist
2nd—calm emotions, euphoric cloud, slow suffocation
3rd—lesser pesh addiction, stinking cloud
4th—confusion, solid fog
5th—cloudkill, pesh addiction, instant suffocation, symbol of sleep

Pesh Healing
You heal whenever you use pesh.

Prerequisites: Pesh addict or sahir-afiyun.

Benefit: When you take a dose of raw pesh, you heal 1 hit point. When you take a dose of refined pesh, you heal 5 hit points. The pesh still has its normal effects on you (temporary hit points, and so on).

Pesh Euphoria
Your pesh-addled mind is difficult to influence.

Prerequisites: Pesh addict or sahir-afiyun.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Will saves if you have used pesh in the past hour. If you fail a saving throw against an enchantment effect while you are under the effects of pesh, you can attempt it again 1 round later at the same DC; this feat only gives you one extra chance to succeed on the saving throw (though if you have other reroll abilities, such as a rogue’s slippery mind, you may attempt them this round).

Pesh Rejuvenation
When you are close to death, your body can convert pesh into lifesaving medicine.

Prerequisites: Pesh addict or sahir-afiyun.

Benefit: If you have used raw pesh or refined pesh in the past hour, and you are brought to 0 or fewer hit points, you may immediately gain 10 temporary hit points as a swift action. You may use this ability even if you are unconscious, but it cannot save you from an attack that immediately kills you.

Using this ability makes you sickened for 24 hours. You can end the sickness by using raw pesh or refined pesh. Using this ability while you are sickened makes you exhausted. You can end the exhaustion by using pesh or refined pesh; this leaves you only sickened, and another dose can end the sickness.

Euphoric Spell (metamagic)
Deep within the hallucinations of your Pesh addiction, you have discovered new insight into the secrets of mind magic.

Prerequisites: Pesh addict or sahir-afiyun. Spell Focus Enchantment, Craft Alchemy 5 ranks.

You may use a dose of Refined Pesh as a material component when casting spells of the Enchantment school. Enchantment spells cast in such a manor also induce a hallucinogenic euphoria that makes the spell harder to overcome. If the spell is successfully cast on the target, the target takes a -4 penalty on all future saving throws allowed by the spell. (Ex Hold Person, if target fails its first saving throw and is afflicted by the spell, the target gets -4 penalty on subsequent saving throws to overcome the Hold Person).

This ability does not function against targets immune to poisons.

Level Increase: +1
(A Euphoric Spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.)

Wasting Spell (metamagic)
You have furthered the art of death magic through your experimentation of the wasting effects of Pesh Addiction.

Prerequisites: Pesh addict or sahir-afiyun. Spell Focus Necromancy, Craft Alchemy 5 ranks.

You may use a dose of Refined Pesh as a material component when casting spells of the Necromancy school. In addition to the normal effects of the spell, it also inflicts one constitution damage per two spell levels, minimum 1. (Ex, a 4th level Necromancy spell, cast as a 5th level spell would deal 2 Con damage, an 8th level spell cast as a 9th level spell would deal 4 Con damage.) If this spell has the (Death) or (Poison) descriptor, the damage is dealt even on a successful save. Unlike typically ability damage this Con damage only lasts for 1 round/ Caster Level.

This ability does not function against targets immune to poisons.

Level Increase: +1
(A Wasting Spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.)

Smoke Conjuration (metamagic)
A rare few Pesh mages have learned to infuse their exhale with magic that turns their very smoke rings into dangerous and elusive monsters.

Prerequisites: Pesh addict or sahir-afiyun. Spell Focus Conjuration, Craft Alchemy 5 ranks.

Summon Monster and Summon Nature’s Ally spells cast with Smoke Conjuration lose the Fiendish or Celestial template and instead gain the Smoke Conjured template below. You must smoke a dose of Refined Pesh as part of the material components for the spell.

Level Increase: +1
(A Smoke Conjuration infused spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.)

Smoke Conjured

Smoke conjured creatures gain power based on their hit die.

Hit DieElectricity, Fire
1 to 4105Embers 1d6, Smoke Body
5 to 102010Embers 2d6, Fly 30ft, Smoke Form
11 plusImmune20Embers 3d6, Fly 60ft, Reform

Embers of burning ash continue to glow within the Smoke Conjured. The creature sheds light as a candle, and its natural and weapon attacks do an extra 1d6 fire damage. This increases to 2d6 at 5 Hit Die and 3d6 at 11 Hit Die. In addition Natural and Unarmed attacks that strike the Smoke Conjured cause the attacker to take Ember damage.

Smoke Body:
A Smoke Conjured’s physical body is composed of only smoke and ash. It takes half damage from all nonmagical attack forms. It can be harmed normally only by other Smoke Conjured, magic weapons or creatures that strike as magic weapons, and spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities.

A Smoke Conjured can pass through gaps of any size, but squeezing threw an area at least two size categories smaller than the Smoke Conjured takes a full round action.

A Smoke Conjured has no natural armor bonus but has a deflection bonus equal to its Charisma bonus (always at least +1, even if the creature’s Charisma score does not normally provide a bonus).

Smoke Conjured creatures are lighter and more Dexterous than typical creatures of their kind, and as such gain a +6 bonus to Dexterity and the Weapon Finesse feat.

The poisons of Smoke Conjured creatures are heightened due to the lingering pesh in their construction. They gain the Ability Focus feat with any of their natural poison abilities.

Smoke Conjured creatures change their type to Outsider (Air, Fire) , but do not gain any other benefits for this change. The creature replaces any resistances and immunities with those listed above. If the base creature had Damage Reduction, that damage reduction changes to DR/magic.

In windy conditions Smoke Conjured creatures last for only 1/2 duration. Smoke Conjured creatures are Vulnerable to Cold.

Smoke Conjured gain the ability to fly at 5 hit die, if they did not have the ability in their base form. This is at Good maneuverability with a speed of 30ft. At 11 hit die this improves to Perfect maneuverability with a speed of 60ft. Smoke Conjured creatures gain a +8 racial bonus on fly checks.

Smoke Form:
Smoke Conjured can as a standard action disperse into a cloud of smoke. The radius of the cloud depends on their size. (Medium Creatures 5ft, Large 10ft, Huge 15ft, etc.) While in Smoke Form they are immune to all damage and can take no actions, besides reverting back to their base form as a standard action as desired. This ability otherwise functions as the Stinking Cloud spell. With a DC equal 10 + the level of the Summon Monster spell + your spell casting modifier. Whether it passes or fails the saving throw an enemy can only be effected by this cloud once per 24 hours.

Smoke Conjured creatures of at least 11 Hit Die gain fast healing equal to their hit dice, in addition they do not disappear upon being reduced to 0 or less hit points. Instead the Smoke Conjured will immediately assume Smoke Form and once their hit points are positive again they can reform back to their base form and continue to fight.

Smoke Conjured reduced past their negative Con disappear in the manner of normal summons.


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