Kelmarane's Fall

The Fall of Kelmarane

Twenty years ago Kelmarane’s high priest of Sarenrae, Halruun, fell under the sway of a an ancient and manipulative evil, from the Great Beyond. The creature took control of the priesthood, and eventual the entire town was under its crazed influence. Soldiers of The Pactmasters pacified the village, and left it in ruin, but they could not defeat the daemon. The fiend was sealed beneath the burnt out husk of the Temple of Sarenrae, but even so, its potent magics could reach beyond.

The village was declared lost, and abandoned by all civilized folk. But the evil was not defeated. As a Glomeray, the daemon has great powers of the mind, and any who harbored doubt, pride, and hope in their hearts could fall say to its manipulations.

When the Janni Kardswann came to Kelmarane on some unknown quest, he too fell under the sway of the daemon Xulthos, a servant of Szuriel the Harbinger of War, Horseman of the Apocalypse. Xulthos used his new servant to continue his work, spreading war and despair throughout the world.

But some questions do remain. For what cause did one of The Templars of the Five Winds seek out the hidden chambers below Kelmarane’s temple, and for that matter what in this small village could have gained the interests of Szuriel’s daemonic cult?

Kelmarane's Fall

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