Kelmarane Merchant Council

The Kelmarane Merchant Council

Kelmarane is governed by a council of six individuals.

Almah Roveshki Leads the council, and functions as the towns executive. She is a wise and fair leader. Following in the traditions of the Pactmasters, Almah rarely intervenes over her council, entrusting most day to day events to market forces.

Garavel Almah’s trusted advisor, bodyguard, and accountant. Your not completely sure of everything Garavel’s position implies. He is very close to Almah, and his bearing of the Pactmaster’s Favor guarantees his loyalty. Still, he does look more comfortable with a sword than any accountant out to.

Ce’tan Perhaps the wealthiest citizen of Kelmarane, Ce’tan’s position as owner of the brothel, The Sultan’s Wish, and as head broker for the Kelmarane Slave Market, insures he knows everything that occurs in the growing town.

Zastoran owns and runs a modest establishment, and permanent fixture, on the second floor of the battle market, Zastoran’s Emporium of Magiks Most Portable. He has worked with Almah for many years, both as a spiritual and magical adviser.

Hassan Al’Din – A Garundi Merchant from Nex. The big boned jovial man, is much more cunning and cutthroat than his demeanor shows. He runs a very successful Pesh empire that has sprung up in the valley.

Rashad Nazeem – A priest of Abadar, Rashad notarizes transactions and gives legal council to Kelmarane’s growing army of merchants. He is a bad tempered man, with far to much arrogance than his competency demands.

Kelmarane Merchant Council

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