A current map of Kelmarane.

Kelmarane is a ruined battle market village in northwestern Katapesh. The village was one of several in The Uwaga Highlands of The Brazen Peaks situated around the battle market. 30 years ago the Pactmasters abandoned it to ruin. The village has since become a haven of gnoll slavers, human bandits and disreputable brigands from the northlands.

In 4707 the Pactmasters hired/appointed the merchant princess Almah Roveshki to lead an expedition to reclaim Kelmarane from the wilds.

After a scouting expedition, you have determined that the lower city is currently the home to an exceptionally sized venomous snake. (Huge)
The Gnolls also have enlisted the aid of a Schir, a demon from the abyss.

An interrogation of a gnoll from Kelmarane, a member of The Kuldis Tribe has revealed much information on Kelmarane’s current inhabitants.

The Pesh Fields surrounding Kelmarane are not without their own dangers. Your adventure nearly came to an end facing a Dust Digger, you suspect more of the foul abominations may reside here.

With your victory in the Battle Market, the Kuldis have been defeated, the remaining gnolls fleeing into the mountains.

In your quest below the Temple of Sarenrae, you have discovered the cause for Kelmarane’s mysterious abandonment. The daemon Xulthos has been purged, and the village is now free from its manipulations.

From its humble beginnings with the fall of the Kuldis and the purging of the ancient evil Xulthos, the abandoned trade outpost of Kelmarane has grown. In the months following your victory, scores of settlers, merchants, and carpetbaggers alike descend on the town, and the rebuilding begins in earnest.

You have all chosen to stay or return and lend your considerable power, to re-shape Kelmarane from the ground up. By the end of the year the village thrives, over 500 souls name it home. Wealth from distant Osirion, Thuvia, and Nex have made the town rich, and its founders prosperous indeed.


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