Hell of Eternal Thirst

“Centuries ago, a never-failing oasis bloomed in the heart of the waste: the Deep Well of Paradise. Legendarily called into existence by the genie princess Avanasshea herself, called by some the holy daughter of Sarenrae, the blessed oasis sustained those who suffered in the desert’s unrelenting heat, proof against feral gnolls and cruel slavers. Those nomads who walk the blasted way between Solku and Katapesh know where the lost gardens lie, though they now grow untended. By night a terrible evil wakes there, thrice cursed, and screams echo forth across the parched wasteland with each sunset.”

-Tales of the Wandering Folk by Gebral al’Stadi

The Hell of Eternal Thirst

Centuries ago, a hospice and healing temple dedicated to Sarenrae, the Dawnflower, was erected within an oasis set along the trade route to Katapesh. Fed by a dozen cold springs, the Deep Well of Paradise was a dear boon to those who suffered in the unrelenting heat.

The sanctuary at the Deep Well of Paradise aided all who came to its door seeking succor for many years. Eventually, though, a foulness not even the Dawnflower’s minions could purge crept into the temple, leaving many priests dead and leading the oasis to be abandoned.

Some decades ago, a youthful paladin of Sarenrae journeyed forth into the haunted oasis to end the mysterious curse of the place and re-open the temple within. To that end, she borrowed a potent holy blade from the church. She never returned.

A great lamassu calling himself the Lion of Five Heavens has recently taken up guardianship of the oasis. A devotee of the fierce Empyreal Lord Ragathiel, this potent creature called Assad Ashraf Asim allows no mortal entrance to the Deep Well of Paradise.

After convincing the Lamassu of your worth, you entered the Hell of Eternal Thirst. Despite being set upon by legions of the undead, you managed to break the two curses ailing the well.

First by destroying the focus of the Blood Sun curse during your fight with the cursed and ghostly remains of the Paladin who came before you. And second by refreshing the well’s miracle of creation with the Tears of Avanasshea.

Hell of Eternal Thirst

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