A brazenly confidant young women, Haleen is used to getting that which she desires. Her early aptitude for business (pickpocket as a street orphaned youth) and violence (As a “peace-keeper” in the flesh stalls) in her young adulthood, set her up for economic stability working alongside the darker elements of Katapesh.

A fierce individualist, Haleen is loyal only to herself, and sees little use in the arbitrary moral distinctions between good and evil. Or so she says…As Khatovar recalls, from their time together, Haleen secrets a longing to strike back against the tyrannies of society, and free those who have experienced the injustices of the system.

Perhaps this is why she took it upon herself to free a young man from the bondage of slavery and the violent life of a gladiator. Khatovar can attest, she is a complicated women, and the contention between her motives, actions, and words are, and have always been shrouded in mystery.

A few months ago, after being the target of a violent assault, that did not go well for the thugs, Haleen abandoned her clients and more importantly her companion, Khatovar, and left the city, leaving only a cryptic note of her whereabouts.

Now rediscovered, Haleen claims that she was unable (or perhaps unwilling) to fulfill a business contract with The One Source Guild. When The Jackal answered a price on her head, she thought it best to leave town until she could raise the capital to buy him off.

Alienated from her business contacts, and needing to raise 3,000 Scarabs in a hurry, Haleen entered Kardswann’s tournament. Entertained and lustful over this women’s martial mastery and beauty, Kardswann, after a dramatic showing of his overbearing power, has forbidden her departure. Haleen, forced to fight or become gnoll food, has endured and survived trapped in the Kuldis’s deadly game.

Under the name, the Desert Rose, Haleen has defeated all comers. Most recently the brutish ogre, Hurvank. From the little you saw of the battle, she fights with grace and expertise, wielding a single scimitar in a deadly dance.

Now freed from the One Source’s retribution, but exiled permanently from Katapesh (city), Haleen has taken up residence in top level of the Battle Market with Khatovar, where she runs the business end of the Arena.


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