“Gnolls are among the first abominations, and their death is a blessing. Remember this when their laughter haunts your steps.”


Gnolls are a humanoid race renowned for their tremendous laziness, and fierce savagery. Structuring themselves into packs, gnolls survive through raiding and pillaging and acquiring slaves who facilitate their slothful lifestyles.

Large and powerfully built, gnolls appear as a profane hybrid of man and hyena that stands taller, bulkier and furrier than man. The gnoll’s stance is probably its most human feature, they stand up right like a human though with a noticeable hyena-like hunch to its back. Their torso also is more human than hyena, though still covered in the mangy fur and the gnoll’s muscular arms end in (clawed) human hands capable of any manipulation a human could do. Gnolls legs have the double jointed legs of a hyena, this gives them an odd lopping-hopping gait when they run on their hind legs. Though capable of walking upright, a gnoll’s canine-like hindquarters allow it to drop to all fours like a dog for greater mobility. A gnoll’s head is its most hyena-like feature possessing the hyena’s short, blunt muzzle, their muscular, bone-crunching jaws, their black eyes and their rounded ears.

Gnolls are often ruled by their larger, more intelligent, offshoots called Flind.

The Brazen Peaks are thick with gnoll packs. According to Dashkii, they all swear “allegiance” to The Carrion King but they seem to function as completely separate and competitive tribes. While there are many smaller packs of only a handful of gnolls, four particular tribes have gained great strength and numbers in recent years under the Carrion Kings favor.

They are,

  • Al Chorhaiv According to the gnoll, Ukar, the Al Chorhaiv tribe, typically nomadic in nature, has returned to the White Canyon region after the rainy season earlier than usual.
  • The Circle has entrenched itself in the upper reaches of Pale Mountain. Ukar does not know their purpose there, but they have been purchasing many slaves from the other tribes.
  • Three Jaws One year ago, after the death of his son, Narg, brought his entire tribe to the slopes of Pale Mountain to petition The Carrion King for action. One by one the entire tribe has entered The House of the Beast. None were seen for many months. Three months ago, some of Ukar‘s informants came across a giant misshapen gnoll creature, twisted in body, and broken in mind. After slaying the creature, which took the lives of many, it was recognized by tribal marks to have once been a Three Jaws gnoll.
  • Wormhollow The Wormhollow tribe makes its den in the remains of an old mine network at the base of Pale Mountain. They consider themselves the Carrion King’s enforcers, but according to Ukar that seems to be by their own initiative. They are a treacherous lot, more so than the typical gnoll.

Your adventure to Kelmarane had brought you into conflict with The Kuldis Tribe. Who had taken up residence in the ruins. By your labors they were defeated.

You have slain the Carrion King and the source of his Unholy power. According to Ukar the various gnoll tribes will fall back into the infighting and tribal warfare that defines their race, as many will try to claim the Carrion Kings throne. The threat of a massive gnoll uprising has been put to rest, for now.


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