Disturbing Dreams

Khatovar as you rest…

It is a soft night in Katepesh. Not a quiet night, for the city never does sleep, but with the light of the full moon and the cool sea breeze, it is a peaceful moment.

It is easier to escape the hustle bustle of city life when one climbs above the streets onto a roof.

But all of this pales in comparison to the feeling of her head on your shoulder. So wild, energetic, and driven, a peaceful moment like this is a rare thing. It is odd, your feelings for Haleen, and hers for you, the two of you are so very different. Perhaps that is why this night is so remarkable, for this moment she is still and content in this world. It is a good night.

The moon is lovely when it is full.

Haleen stirs and awakes, she turns to you with that half smirk she is so found of, as if she has done something wrong and is proud of it. The moon light catches her amber eyes, and for a moment, they shine a brilliant gold. It is the most beautiful thing you ev…

Gold like an animal, like a wild beast! A hunger wells up inside you. You are a peaceful man, for the most part, disciplined, controlled. All that is lost before the rage and the hunger. You lash out with your claws, tearing, gouging, there is much blood.

Her flesh is the most satisfying feast you have ever consumed.

You wake, drenched in cold sweat, moonlight cascades down from the torn ceiling, illuminating the pallor of your face.

Disturbing Dreams

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