Dashki, a self confessed loner, is generally rude and has rough-hewn, almost feral manners. Anyone who spends any time with Dashki immediately notices that his powerful body odor betrays a man with a very loose relationship with hygiene. He dresses in filthy rags and walks with a slight limp due to an old injury, propping himself up with a gnarled wooden staff.

After years of hunting Gnolls, and loosing many friends to their savagry, Dashki took it upon himself to become a regional scout, leading teams of hunters and government men into the wilds to reclaim lands lost to gnoll incursions. His last port of call was in Solku where he set up a stall in the markets. It was not until a month or so ago, when a beautiful woman happened by his stall. The woman was Almah, and she was preparing to investigate the land granted to her by the Pactmasters namely the area surrounding Kelmarane.

Dashki was immediately smitten, and although she was replused by his attitude and demeanor, she could not walk past his skills and the price that she easily negotiated him down to.

From his own words, Daskii, has a cruel history with gnolls, this inspired him to became the hunter and survivalist he is today.

“Almah hired me about a month ago to tell her all about the gnolls living in these hills. Gnolls killed my mother and grandfather when I was a boy. They put fire to our village and slew hundreds. Somehow I escaped with my father to the town of Solku, not far from here. It was a long time ago, I’ve forgotten most of what I saw. Terrible things. But I find it’s the sounds that stay with me. The shrill howls and barks—hundreds of them at once—that sounded deliriously close to an audience. Laughing at us.

“Father raised me to know everything about the gnolls, their customs, their language. So as better to track them down and wipe them out. All of them. Together we scouted out their lairs, studied their tribes, listened to them speak until we could understand what they were saying. They’re not dumb animals, you know. Not like you might think. In some ways they’re even smarter than us.

“Dad didn’t survive our first raid on a gnoll camp of the Three Jaws tribe. I saw them fall on him like hyenas on an abandoned kill, slathering themselves in his blood and innards. I can still hear the tear of his scalp and the sound of his bones against frenzied teeth. Against this scene I was forgotten. Ignored.

“I escaped, and I carry on the work of my father.”

However, Dashkii, has a physical camaraderie with the gnolls of the Three Jaws tribe, they are evidently well used to each others company. Hargk refers to Dashkii as a brother.

It seems Dashkii’s lies run deep.

After finishing with Kardswann and The Kuldis Tribe at the Battle Market, Dashkii fought alongside the Three Jaws when they attempted to ambush the heroes. When questioned after being taken alive, Dashkii revealed that his story was indeed a lie. That he was risen by gnolls after they slew his parents. He was tossed out by the tribe when he reached his majority, and had never been able to find peace as part of human society.

When the Three Jaws approached him, and “welcomed” him home, he was hungry for their exceptance.

Despite his crimes, the heroes agreed to not slay Dashkii, instead choosing to grant him one last “chance”. Exiled into the Katapeshi heat, with no equipment, Dashkii will face Sarenrae’s Mercy one way or another.

No one has seen or heard of the uncouth man since.


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