A Gnoll of an Interrogation

A Gnoll of an Interrogation

Standing above the bleeding corpses of the fallen Gnoll Patrol Ce-tan says:

So this is the fearsome gnoll warrior. Ha, the Pugwumpis put up more of a fight!

Zahkmed, does one still live?

Come Khatovar, bring your rope. Let us bind then awaken this creature to see what it can tell us of Kelmarane, and the monstrosities that await us within her ruins."


Yes Ce-tan, two of the wretches live on. Though this one only by a thread.

Zahkmed, unsheathes his scimitar and runs it across the gnolls throat. He watches as its raspy breath stutters out. Emotions slip across his face, before his composed mask is back in control. And he remarks, sarcastically.

I’m Sorry, I miscounted

He wipes his scimitar clean on the gnolls leather chest-piece, and turns to Ce-tan, pulling out his wine/water skin, and taking a gulp.

Your magic was effective, it however leaves our work half finished. That one will wake in but a moment, question him quickly, the man-beasts are abominations I will not stomach, his death shall be a blessing

A short, frail figure stumbles forward from behind a rock.

Stupid elbow. I said hit the gnoll! Well I don’t care! We’re both old! Elbow grease is not a real thing!

Glarthobbalvot, leaning on his spear as he walks, stuffs a sling into his pocket and continues his conversation. His internal bickering fades off as he approaches the Gnoll. He adjusts his glasses on the brim of his nose and peering over the rim. As he observes the sleeping beast his eyes begin to light up and the scowl suddenly leaves his face as quickly as it arrived.

ooooo, look at those teeth. he may not be one for the eyes, but my nephew (the little bastard) would just love to have a set of those chompers. He collects things you know. Most Treeglabarrow’s collect things. Actually come to think of it I don’t know what he collects… Hmph. None the less wouldn’t it just be wonderful fun to pull the teeth from his mouth while he sleeps?! Oh the look on his face when he wakes up would be delightful I bet! What do you think of that, hmmm gnoll? Are you awake yet?

Using the blunt end of his spear he begins poking the Gnoll incessantly

Wake up, you lazy animal! I know the colors are wonderful… (intoxicating actually) but shows over wake up now!

Khatovar leans and ties the rope around the gnoll’s body and hands quickly and knots it as best he can. As he takes a short step back, caution is revealed on his face as he looks the Gnoll over with a very discerning eye.

From the reports of Dashki, they are strong and cunning. Everyone ready yourself to strike. Do not let this one howl to inform its friends of his situation as they do in the night.

Khatovar looms over the slumped Gnoll awaiting a reaction.

You barely finish restraining the gnoll before it awakens suddenly, snarling with anger, and straining its bonds. It lunged for its nearest target, Khatovar, buts its bonds make such an effort futile.

It is a gruesome, intimidating creature, bulkier and furrier than a man with double jointed limbs and a hunch like back. Still it’s the hyena-like head, its short powerful bone crunching muzzle and its black eyes that draw your attention. This particular specimen reeks of rotten meat and dog, it is clear that its mangy fur has never seen a bath. Fresh blood stains run down its muzzle, staining the poorly patched together leather strips that it wears for protection.

You have seen gnolls before, Katapesh has a whole district populated with the dog-men, you thought they were bestial in there appearance. But this…never anything like this. To say that this thing is more animal than man, would be like comparing a rapid Katapeshi leopard to a meerkat.

Its voice, a series of deep raspy growls and barks, make it clear, this beast cannot speak the common tongue, nor does it wish to.

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

Humans! Cowards! You bind me, frightened, yes? Release me! Or we will feast on your flesh!

Khatovar looks at Ce-tan with a furrowed brow, then glares over to Glarthoblavot making a gesture with his head and a simple grunt trying to tell him to translate. After translating, Khatovar looks back at Ce-tan.

Frightened is false. Ce-tan, I do not care for words I do not mean. Make him talk.

As Khatovar binds the captive Ce-tan collects torches and sets the deceased gnolls a flame. As the beast wakens Ce-tan retrieves a potion of comp language. Ordering Khatovar and the others to hold its head Ce-tan pours the potion in the gnolls mouth.

Quiet Slave. Smell the burning flesh of your tribe mates. Feel the bite of the bonds around your body. You are a slave and I am your Master. Displease your Master and I will not simply end your life. No. Those manacles you do futilely fight against will become permanent and I will drag you back to Katapesh to spend the rest of your wretched life a slave to mankind performing tricks for scraps of food like a good domesticated pup. But please your master and u will be released. Return to the ridicule of your tribekin as you recount the tale of your shame. Or free to flee into the hills. The choice is yours.


Khatovar, give me a hand

Zahkmed grapple check to hold open the gnolls mouth, 8+4=12, fails

Assuming you assist, your able to hold the creatures mouth open while Ce-tan poors the potion down its throat. It fights against your hold, grunting, thrashing, spitting, but “most” of the potion is swallowed.

(Intimidate 10+9=19, Bluff 6+9=15; I roll awesome, lol, the DCs for intimidate btw are ridiculously low, its kinda funny.)

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

Master..slavery, you human fool. You do not know the meaning of freedom. All humans are slaves. You are a slave to your laws, a slave to the weak. One cannot be made a slave, no, slaves are born, we only help keep them in chains!

(Sense Motive roll 16+1) By his frequent glances to his burning companions, and his phony conviction, you believe he’s scared and running his mouth.

Death, or chains, I desire neither. You will free me? I have heard of such fools, humans to weak to take life, but no, you speak strong for human, more like gnoll.

Lowering his eyes, and speaking downtrodden and disgusted.

I wish to live…Human Master how can Brrr’Ark ‘please’ you.


Good pup. Tell me of Kelmarane and those who reside there.

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:
Incredously, seething with anger, but compliant

Perhaps if master were more specific. ‘Kelmarane’ [struggling with the word] is home to my pack, the Kuldis Tribe, our pets, our servants, and our ‘guests.’ We are a mighty host, newly made of the Carrion’s favor, you would be wise, human master, to listen. Brrr’Ark wishes you a long safe life, [yeah…no] turn and leave. My brothers will slay you, and feast on your bones, hahahaha." [deranged crackling]

Greg are you translating for Mike? The gnoll can understand Ce-tan but not vice versa

Glarthobbalvot begins giggling before translating for his companions

Hehehehoho, he IS a cute one.


Tell us more of the might of Tribe Kuldis, and its chieftain.

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

Long has the Kuldis tribe warred and competed with other, larger packs. Run out of the mountains, forced to live like humans in there filthy cities. HAHAHAHA [Crackling Hyena Like Laughter] But no longer. Now we know strength. The favor of the Beast is with us, now we are the tribe most favored by the Carrion King. And with his Strength and Blessing, we will feast on all the sun touches, HAHAHAhaaHaha. [More Deranged Laughter]

5 Weeks ago, he came to us, we thought he a human, come to offer his flesh in sacrifice. But I was wrong, no this human was a mighty warrior, the Carrion King’s chosen champion, he slew our chieftain, and those who made offerings to the Mother.

Ugruk make wise decision, he make the mighty warrior our chief. He showed us a new way. A stronger way. Now we howl with The Beast, and his strength flows in our blood. We will bring war and slaughter to all you humans who trespass our great nation, to the glory of our chieftain Kard’san [Struggling with word] the Slayer, Our God King of Carrion, and The Rough Beast, hahahahah. [Crackling Laughter]


How many gnoll tribesmen reside in the city?

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

Maybe 30 mighty warriors. Ugruk is Flind, and Kurellak , the coward, he dont count, haha!


Who and what are these guests, servants and pets that you speak of?

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

Kard’san shows us new way, he tells us that not all humans are for eating, some join us in The Beast’s hunt. Others he negotiates [Stuggles with word] for fine weapons, slaves, and his own human comforts, they come to make trade. It is strange being led with human, much disgusts me, but he has led our tribe to greatness, and none can doubt the Carrion King’s power. He tells us that all who desire bloodshed and battle have a place in our city. Blood flows in the arena most days, as the mightiest warriors; gnolls, and others come to earn riches and glory. Right now, hmm a Human women, a mighty warrior, but foul as all humans are, Hurvank, an ogre, and a company of bugbears all are here for the arena.

Our tribe has many hyena who join us when we hunt, and Old Bonegrinder, a great boar, we feed him what even we gnolls can’t devourer, and he has grown fat and strong. There is a great serpent, who makes nest in lower city. It killed many gnolls when it came, Kard’san says to leave it be, that its hunger amuses him, we feed it so it does not eat us when the hunger comes.

Then there is that harpy bitch, Undrella, she has been here for long time, from before the Kuldis came. She hates us, and we her, but she offers us her magics in payment to live here. Kard’san favors her for his carnal needs, hahaha.

Last i think of, Kard’san’s flying beast. I know not what it is. It eats our shadows and makes my brothers howl with fear, hahaha.


Wait master, I wasn’t done. I forgot the best part, hahaha. The so called Lions. A silly name for silly humans. But the female tasted wonderful when we ate her, and her screams brought great revelry to the tribe. Kard’san told us to wait before eating the other three, he wants them to be completely broken before he eats them I think. We found them snooping around the city, trying to open the door in the church, but Ugruk defeated them and took them alive, a great feat by a great warrior.

And Jank. He is an amusing toy for our tribe. Jank is a Goblin, he only lives at our pleasure. He hasn’t been aloud to sleep in weeks HAHAHA. He is stupid and scrawny, no good for food, but he screams loudder than humans when sticked, HAHAHA.

Glarth Knowledge Local on Lions = 27
The majority of Katapesh’s interior is Savannah that is prime real estate for any actual lions. That said, the gnoll is obviously referring to humans. With your incredible roll you recall hearing of a Chellaxian adventuring party of little renown who went by the name the Lions of Senara. They, or at least one of their members, may be the Pathfinders you were expecting to find here.

Glarth Knowledge Local on Bugbears 11+8=19
The bugbear is the largest of the goblinoid races, a lumbering brute that stands at least a head taller than most humans. They are loners, preferring to live and kill on their own rather than form tribes of their own kind, yet it isn’t uncommon to find small bands of bugbears working together, or dwelling in goblin or hobgoblin tribes where they function as elite guards or executioners. Bugbears do not form large warrens likegoblines or nations like hobgoblins; they prefer smaller-scale mayhem that lets them keep their favorite acts (murder and torture) on a more personal level. Humans are a bugbear’s favored prey, and most count the flesh of humanity as a dietary staple. Grisly trophies of ears or fingers are common bugbear decorations. A typical bugbear stands 7 feet in height and weighs 400 pounds.


What do you know of the tower north of the city? Is it also claimed by Tribe Kuldis?

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

I know nothing, sometimes we go there, it is part of the Carrion King’s great kingdom, like all the lands the sun touches, ahahaha. But no the Kuldis do not live in the fort. We found humans that do not stay dead there, i prefer humans that scream when i rend their flesh and gnaw on their bones. We saw fire last night, so we four went to see. We found campsite, but it was abandoned before we got there.


And what is that vicious goat-man that patrols the city boarder?

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

Kezurkian is a great fiend from the Abyss. The Carrion King’s favor made flesh. Kard’san talks to him, we know to stay away. He kills any who enter lower city who arent Kuldis, or expected by Kard’san. Sometimes he forgets, and kills and eats my brothers, Hahahaha.


Tell us more of the one you called Ugruk the Flind

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

Ugruk is Flind.

Brrr’Ark stares at Ce-atn like this should be enough.

Glarth Knowledge Local on Flinds
[15+8 = 23]

Flinds are a race closely related to gnolls. The two races share some strong similarities, and at first sight inexperienced adventurers could easily confuse the two. Flinds are much stockier than their lanky kin, much stronger and hardier, and are certainly more dangerous.

It is unknown if flinds are a subspecies of the gnoll or a genetic anomaly produced among large gnoll packs. Flinds are often found among gnoll bands acting as leaders, as their strength and relatively superior intelligence puts them above their lesser brethren.

Flind combat tactics are similar to those of gnolls. They prefer to strike from ambush, using terrain and concealment to their best advantage. They are most often seen acting in the role of leaders to gnoll bands, keeping discipline with a ruthless hand and little mercy.


How does One enter the competition held in the arena?

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

You wish to fight master? HAHAHAHAHAHA. If you wish an audience with Kard’san you need only approach the city and wait to be noticed. My brothers will come to you to seek your purpose. If you wish to be killed for gold, blood, and the chiefs entertainment, then you need only say so. HAHAHAHA!


I will enter Kelmarane, and I will challenge the one you name Kard’san for authority over the Kuldis, and I will slay him. But I would rather not kill all my future subjects. Describe for me the security you have placed about the city. Where are your watchmen stationed? Are there other approaches to the upper city besides the main road? And finally, where can I find your chief Kard’san?

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

You Master, HAHAHA, then you will Die, DIE! Kardswan is the chosen of the Carrion King, he will kill you. HAHAHAA! [Seems excited by this notion]

The road is the easiest way, there are usually guards here and here ( I will mark on map of kelmarane, will upload tonight.) Cliff could be climbed, I have seen it done, but it would be hard for you master, your so scrawny, hahahahaha.

Most of the tribe lives in the battle market, that is also where you will find Kard’san , he has rooms up above, where he can watch the blood spelt in the arena."


Where are the captives kept?

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

Master must be hungry, yes, hahahahaha. They are in the Battle Market, on the first floor. Kard’san keeps their cells and the hallway leading to them locked. No accidental snacking, hahahaha.

I answer, your questions, now let Brrr’Arck go, Master is strong, I can support you when you challenge Kard’san, tell my brothers of your greatness, come master, free me, and we will feast together on the flesh of your foes. [Bluff 4+1 = 5]


Sense Motives:
Ce-tan 16+1=Success
Glarth 13+1=Success
Khatover 2+9=Success

Your pretty sure he’s going to rat on you the first chance he gets.

Before translating this last response Glarthabbalvott begins barking.

My friend’s agitation grows, quickly if you value your life the answer to this is of utmost importance!

Which is your favorite tooth? The big ones in the front. It’s very important! The right or the left? There is no time to spare!" (bluff)

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

I…What!?…Errrr….I prefer to rip this way. [He jerks his head to his right] I suppose.


Yes Brrr’Ark Master is pleased and as promised you are released. Zahkmed please release this foul creature’s soul from the bonds of its flesh. Enjoy damnation in the embrace of your new found Beast God you hateful swine. And suffer knowing you met your death at the hands of a mere Human.

Brrr’Ark the Gnoll:

HA, I knew you to be lying scum human (Actually he seems really confused) Come then, kill me if you dare, My kin will hunt you down, their howls and laughter shall haunt …

His voice is reduced to weak gurgling after Zahkmed opens his throat with his scimitar.


My Pleasure Ce-tan, My pleasure, May you join your patron in the afterlife, Brrr’Ark and experience the eternal torment of the Dawnflower’s wrath.


Excellent, excellent! Beautiful!

Giggling Glarthobbalvot skips away, retrieving the party’s diminutive warhammer. As the Gnoll gurgles Glarthobbalvot climbs on his Chest, standing above him.

I knew you were a righty. Hold still.

Glarthobbalvot, holding the warhammer like a golf club to the gnoll’s jaw, winds up and begins smashing the right side of the gnoll’s face laughing gleefully as blood and sand mix.

Straddling the dead gnoll’s neck as he pulls teeth from its mouth with a small dagger he turns to his companions

That was fun. We should do this again sometime.


A Gnoll of an Interrogation

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